When you need to be away overnight, for the weekend or even longer, let us take care of your dog. We offer cage-free boarding to make them feel safe and comfortable. For families with siblings, your dogs can room together in one suite. We serve breakfast and dinner (as well as any meds). We ask that you provide your pet’s regular food to avoid an upset tummy. After breakfast each morning, your pet will join friends for a day of fun. Throughout the day, your dog will be escorted to his/her suite when ready for naptime. After a full day of daycare, dinner and free time in the play area, we put your dog to bed for the night.

All boarding comes with 2 daily walks (morning and afternoon), 3 potty breaks outdoor courtyard and 1 hour indoor/outdoor group play.

Want more playtime? 

Just add an additional $20 flat (not per day, just a single $20 to get an unlimited playtime while your pet boards with us).

  • $20 Cage (dog under 12lb)
  • $25 Cage (dog between 12lb - 16lb)
  • $30 Cage (medium or 2 small dogs)
  • $35 Private 4x6 Suite (charming glass suite with privacy) 
  • $45 Executive Room - 6x6 suite (charming glass suite with privacy bigger room)


  1. This reservation below is for request only, we will contact you to confirm your reservation and availability within 24-48 hours. Thank you.
  2. A deposit of $40 is due at the time your reservation is confirmed. No-shows will forfeit the deposit. Cancellation require a 5-business days prior to your check-in to avoid losing your deposit.
  3. Check-in time is after 12:00 pm (Monday – Saturday); early check-in is $10 to have your pet join our doggy daycare.
  4. Check-out time is no later than 12 pm. $4 fee charge per hour if late or $10 for half day of doggy daycare will be added if pick up is past 2pm. Pets not checked-out prior to 5 pm will be charged for boarding on that day, unless your pet have an exit grooming appointment.
  5. Due to we're close on Sundays, $15 charge will applied if pick up or drop off on Sunday. We will only 8:30am - 10am and 4:30pm - 6pm.
  6. If you're a new customer, please kindly fill out our New Customer Form before you check-in to help speed up the check-in process. Please click here.

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Boarding check-in:
***Please note, we are closed on Sundays. If you need to drop off/pick up your pet, there will be a $15 additional charge to your boarding. Drop off/pick up is 8am - 10am or 4pm - 6pm.
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Boarding check-out:
Please note, due to indoor/outdoor group play, your pet may come home NOT smelling fresh. We recommended grooming.
All boarding come with FREE: 2 daily walks, 3 potty breaks and an hour indoor/outdoor play. Below is an optional add-on services:
Special Treats (Your pet will enjoy yummy treats while boarding with us. Extra treats will be packed with your pets to bring home. All natural dog treat.)

Boarding Rules:

  1. Reservations in advance is recommended. Reservations are guaranteed with $40 deposit at the time of booking.

  2. Family dogs may enjoy their stay in the same private den/suite for $10/night for each additional pet.

  3. Check-in time is after 12 pm; early check-in is $10 if before 12pm.

    Check-out time is no later than 12 pm. $10 for late pick-up will be added if pick up is past 12pm. Pets not checked-out prior to 5 pm will be charged for boarding on that day, unless your pet have an exit grooming appointments.

  4. Dogs receive a pre-entry Meet & Greet evaluation prior to boarding to screen temperament and health.

  5. Dogs must be flea/tick free. Dogs found with fleas or ticks will get flea/tick bath at owner’s expense and be much happier.

  6. Dogs must be in good health and not have had or been exposed to any contagious illnesses within 30-days prior to check-in.

  7. If your dog is out of food, there will be $3 per meal. One of a high quality food, FROMM will be giving to your pet. 

    We encourage you to bring your own dog food as most dogs are sensitive to a sudden change in diet. 

  8. Please labeled your dog’s first and last name on any check-in items. Please don't bring valuable or irreplaceable items as we are not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item or toy left with your pet.

  9. Wishbone Pet Care is open for tours during all operating hours. Feel free to bring a friend. We take pride in presenting a safe, friendly and sparkling clean environment at all times. Please refrain from bringing your dog to tour until the Meet & Greet. 

  10. Each dog must have proof of vaccinations:
    • Rabies
    • DHPP
    • Bordetella
    • Canine Influenza

  11. Spay/Neuter is recommended.

I wish I could give Wishbone 20 stars instead of a measly 5. Wishbone Pet Care is hands down, the absolute most caring and wonderful place to leave your pet! We left our dog Mia with them on extremely short notice for 10 days. During our trip out of town the staff kept in constant touch with us through email and would send us daily pictures of Mia having an absolute blast (check their Faebook page yourself!)! When we got back, she looked so happy, well fed and totally rested, unlike other places. We have boarded her at the best places in Houston but she has always come back looking rather exhausted, thin, and sometimes even scratched up. We are never leaving her anywhere but Wishbone. I have never met a more passionate and considerate staff. Your pets will love you for it! We will be dropping Mia by for regular doggie daycare, we have never seen her smile so big! - Saadia M. & pet name Mia