This is where we put discount

This is where we put discount

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When you need to be away overnight, for the weekend or even longer, let us take care of your dog. We offer cage-free boarding to make them feel safe and comfortable. For families with siblings, your dogs can room together in one suite. 

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As a busy pet parent, you have probably felt the sting of guilt about leaving your beloved four-legged family member home alone for long period of time. With doggy daycare, you can go to work without feeling guilt or seeing the disappointment in your dog's eyes. Wishbone Pet Care provides a fun day devoted to indoor play and outdoor play with doggy pool and plenty of interaction.



Regular grooming is not just a luxury – it’s essential to your pet's mental and physical well-being. To help your family pet from needless anxiety, one groomer will take care from start to finish. We are cage-free grooming facility and do not cage-dry your pet.

The facility is tucked away in a strip mall off Austin Pkwy...what keeps me going back is the fantastic, wonderful staff- especially Ms. Nancy. They love and treat my Mia as if she were theirs, and I know this because of how happy Mia is to be dropped off each morning with them. These staff go out of their way to accommodate my family (running a few minutes late for pick up or dropping her off in my car so I don’t have to park with the baby) and we appreciate them very much! We love Wishbone Pet Care!
— Rashna B.