Bring your beloved pup to a doggy daycare benefits you and your faithful companion. As a busy pet parent, you have probably felt the sting of guilt about leaving your beloved four-legged family member home alone for long period of time. With doggy daycare, you can go to work without feeling guilt or seeing the disappointment in your dog's eyes. Wishbone Pet Care provides a fun day devoted to indoor play and outdoor play with doggy pool and plenty of interaction. We are a cage-free facility so your pet will have a lot of open spaces to mingle with friends.  


  • FREE Temperament Test - Every Tuesday
  • Wednesday: $5 for half day of doggy daycare
  • 13-days pass (value $260) - Promotional discount: $200 small/medium dog; $225 large dog
  • Monthly pass (value $400) Mon. - Fri. only - Promotional discount: $225 small/medium dog; $250 large dog


Please fill out the form below to reserve an appointment for your pet. Thank you and we looking forward to serve you and your pet.

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Daycare Rules:

  1. All dogs must be neutered/spayed, 6 months or older to attend doggy daycare.

  2. Our dogs are divided into multiple playgroups by size, age and level of activity. We reserve the right to include or exclude specific dogs based on temperament and activity level.

  3.  All dogs enrolling in daycare must first pass a temperament assessment. $10 for temperament test.

  4. Please call to schedule your temperament test. Be prepared to leave him or her at least an hour. Your pet is welcome to stay the entire day. 

  5. Half day of daycare
    (up to 3hrs) is $10.
    After 3 hours passed,
    it will consider full
    day of daycare:
    $20 for small/medium; $25 for big dog.

  6. Dog pick-up time is anytime before we close at 6pm.  There will be a $10 charge for every 15 minute after 6pm.

  7. Dogs must be flea/tick free. Dogs found with fleas or ticks will get flea/tick bath at owner’s expense and be much happier.

  8. Dogs must be in good health and not have had or been exposed to any contagious illnesses within 30-days prior to check-in.

  9. Wishbone Pet Care is open for tours during all operating hours.  Feel free to bring a friend. We take pride in presenting a safe, friendly and sparkling clean environment at all times. Please refrain from bringing your dog to tour until the Meet & Greet. 

  10. Each dog must have proof of vaccinations:
    • Rabies
    • DHPP
    • Bordetella
    • Canine Influenza